Slavery and Biblical Anthropology

Man was made for more noble ends than to be driven to market, like sheep and oxen. He is a human being and the immutable Laws of God, and indefeasible laws of nature, pronounced him free.

slavery's competition with God

When someone turns the property of God into his own property, what is he doing but overstepping his own nature through pride?

Confessional Trinitarian Theology

The Athanasian Creed and the Second Helvetic Confession are united in presenting the Church's view of confessional Trinitarian theology.

how can I recognize a true church?

Calvin's frank counsel on when to leave, when to remain.

John Calvin, commenting on the women who followed Christ from city to city. What is remarkable about this is that he does not censure them for doing so.

John Owen on the Subject of Divorce

The apostle Paul expressly sets the party at liberty to marry who is maliciously and obstinately deserted, affirming that the Christian religion doth not prejudice the natural right and privilege of men in such cases.