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In this episode of Credo Podcast, hosts Dominic Legge and Matthew Barrett discuss the importance of approaching Christology through a Trinitarian lens. They argue that isolating the doctrine of Christology from the Trinity can lead to heresies and misunderstandings about the nature of God. Specifically, they address the issue of Kenotic Christology, which suggests that […]

In light of the two natures of Christ, partitive exegesis assists biblical interpreters with discerning the different registers in which the scriptures speak of Christ, whether in reference to his human or divine nature, yet without dividing the person. Partitive exegesis is not forced on the text but springs from the text, and keeps the interpreter from trinitarian and Christological missteps that threaten the Christian faith.

In this first video, Thomas Kidd, professor at Baylor University, and Matthew Barrett engage topics like: evangelicalism’s suspicion towards history and creeds, recent drift away from Nicene trinitarianism, the rise of social trinitarianism, the need for theological retrieval, and the Dream Team. Kidd and Barrett discuss chapter 1 of Barrett’s book, Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated […]

In this episode, Craig Carter and Matthew Barrett discuss chapter 3 of Barrett’s book, Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son, and Spirit (Baker, 2021). Carter and Barrett discuss topics such as the legacy of Nicaea in light of the rise of social trinitarianism, the state of the trinity in evangelicalism, and the difference between the […]

In this week’s lecture, Matthew Barrett tackles a new and novel evangelical view of the Trinity – the eternal functional subordination of the Son (EFS). In this view, EFS has redefined the Trinity in the form of a community or society, one that is the paradigm or prototype for human society. What kind of society? […]

I am so glad you are enjoying my book, Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son, and Spirit (Baker). At the end, I provide a short bibliography. However, works on the Trinity are legion. Below is a working bibliography that can help you dive deeper into the doctrine of the Trinity. It is a working bibliography […]

“But in this video, Liam Goligher and Matthew Barrett explain why EFS has far more in common with novel, social views of the Trinity in the modern era than it does with historic Christianity. Barrett asks Goligher what first alarmed him and motivated him to be so bold to confront EFS. Together they examine the […]