Does the Incarnation Change God? Dominic Legge and Matthew Barrett

In this episode of Credo Podcast, hosts Dominic Legge and Matthew Barrett discuss the importance of approaching Christology through a Trinitarian lens. They argue that isolating the doctrine of Christology from the Trinity can lead to heresies and misunderstandings about the nature of God. Specifically, they address the issue of Kenotic Christology, which suggests that Jesus emptied himself of His divine attributes during His earthly ministry. The hosts argue that this view is problematic because it implies a change in God’s nature, which is contrary to scripture and the teachings of the Great Tradition.

Instead, they propose a retrieval of Thomistic Christology, which emphasizes the unity of the divine and human natures in Jesus Christ. They argue that Thomas Aquinas’s theological framework provides a helpful way to understand how the Incarnation is not a change in God but rather an expression of His unchanging nature. By focusing on the Trinity and the unity of the divine and human natures in Christ, we can avoid the mistakes of modern Christology and better understand the Gospel message.