Jasmine Holmes

We can talk about moms and their priorities. (I’ve done it plenty). But not before we get this right. Because if our concern for prizing wifehood and motherhood is the primary focus of our message for women, we aren’t speaking with biblical priorities any more than the world we claim to be combatting is. Man or woman, married or unmarried, childless or house-full, satisfaction comes from Christ alone, and will only be known perfectly in eternity with him. Full stop. Deep breath. And then we can talk about everything else.

The day my mother turned and corrected me for this very statement, she said, “I hate it when women say that. It’s never to build anyone up but themselves. You are just as much a woman as anybody else. You don’t have to try to make it sound special. It is.” She nailed it. When we say […]

Women are homemakers. Home-workers. Home-keepers. They are supposed to be the organized ones, the ones who pay attention to every detail, anticipate every need, and keep the house humming smoothly while their husbands are out on the front lines doing God’s work. Her home is a well-oiled machine because she is a well-oiled machine. She’s […]

We will never be able to have fruitful conversations about femininity or identity until we stop manipulating people into silence. That goes for conversations about stay-at-home moms, to debates about women in leadership, to any number of issues regarding women in the church.

… when someone dares to question my understanding of Titus 2, they’re only questioning one aspect of my Christian walk. Not the entirety of my substance in Christ. So many women cling so rabidly to their interpretation of these verses. Some do it from conviction. Some do it out of the shame they’d crumble under […]