I know it’s really hard to do when you’re in complete despair about how things are going now. But don’t manage your expectations based on what circumstances you’re going through right now, but rather on the promise of what will happen when Jesus returns. Set your hope on that. Michael Horton

History is a mirror. If anyone is a hearer of history only, and not a learner, “he looks at himself and goes away and at once forgets what he was like” (James 1:24). One of the lessons of history that Christianity seems doomed to repeat is the propensity of leaders showing partiality for their fellow […]

Read more of this powerful selection from The Gospel Sonnets by Ralph Erskine (1685-1752) at the Humble Skeptic.

In other words, "God saved you, now you work to be a good man/woman". And if men and women are sanctified differently, then how in the world is Jesus a perfect example for men AND women? If Jesus is the perfect example of masculinity (of which Dale Partridge and others claim), then who is the perfect example of femininity? And if Christ is both, then….well… that seems to blow the need for the teaching of biblical manhood and womanhood/masculinity and femininity out of the water, right? Then we only need teach Christlikeness? Right?!? RIGHT?!? The fruit of the spirit is a gift of God to us. It is God’s working in us… not us working with God.

The pagan world is sex-obsessed and sex is an idol of our age but telling pagans that sex points them to Christ is not an apologetic or evangelistic strategy we should employ. It is not a biblical strategy.

Secular humanism has no way of explaining either the greatness or the tragedy of human existence. However, the biblical story of creation and the fall provides the basis for affirming both human dignity and depravity. We are born into the world “in Adam,” that is, as glorious traitors.

The Scriptures teach mankind as image bearer, that the image exists in the totality of their creaturehood: soul, body, gifting, dignity,and dominion.

Christian writers sometimes note that doctrine and ethics go together. But while every area of theology has moral implications, the doctrine of man (anthropology) has especially powerful ramifications for the moral life. Who we are is inseparable from how we ought to live. Furthermore, how God calls us to act corresponds to the human nature He […]

But what if, instead, humans were image bearers of God in their essence, as the scripture says, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” And, yes, sin has tainted all of that. It is a deadly cancer eroding its host and will end in death if it is not taken away. But […]

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