Ben Hein

In light of ongoing racial disparity in our communities and churches, I concluded by saying that the White Evangelical Church at large (which includes the PCA) must accept responsibility for advancing racism and segregation in our country for centuries; actions which continue to have lasting impact in our communities and our churches today.

How tragic for me that I accepted and held such views until only a few years ago. In my sin, I not only believed my music was superior, but I believed the worship music of other cultures was inferior. In the case of my views toward the must of the Black Church, such views cannot be adequately described without using the uncomfortable but necessary language of racism and White Supremacy.

In response, I want to share my story about the ways in which I’ve recognized how White Supremacy has invaded some of my views and attitudes. My hope is that by “going first” and sharing my story, others might see themselves in Kwon and Thompson’s writing and critiques, and receive them as a gift of love to the Church (as I have while I followed their work the last few years). Here is how White Supremacy invaded my theology.

Our humility is an argument in itself for the truthfulness of our beliefs. It shows we take seriously the words of Christ, and that they have transformative effect on our lives.