White Supremacy and Me, Part 1: Theology

Rev. Duke Kwon and Dr. Greg Thompson’s recent posts at The Front Porch (Here and here) have kicked up a lot of important conversation about White Supremacy; both it’s motives and methodology. In response, I want to share my story about the ways in which I’ve recognized how White Supremacy has invaded some of my views and attitudes. My hope is that by “going first” and sharing my story, others might see themselves in Kwon and Thompson’s writing and critiques, and receive them as a gift of love to the Church (as I have while I followed their work the last few years).

Here is how White Supremacy invaded my theology.

When I first became a Christian 11 years ago, it was in an Evangelical church which championed the core message of the gospel. I learned the importance of keeping the gospel central to the teaching and preaching of a church’s ministry, and I benefited immensely. However, subtle – and sometimes not so subtle – messages were communicated to me about other churches and traditions.

I was told that Evangelicalism championed the gospel and saved the Church from liberalism and the “social gospel.” I was told that churches and pastors aren’t supposed to get involved in social or political issues. Churches that talk about “justice,” “rights,” and other social issues preach a social gospel. Since Black and other minority churches talk about justice and social issues too much, they preach a social gospel, not the biblical gospel. We ought not to listen to them.

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