Ligonier Ministries

“When I first came into the knowledge of Reformed theology, I was excited and invigorated to share this truth with others. However, I quickly discovered that not everyone found Reformed theology as compelling as I did (go figure). This was particularly true within African American circles. Because of the caricatures of Reformed theology that have […]

The creed of the new American religion is basically this: God is nice and we are nice, so we should all be nice. The goal of life is to be happy and to feel good about oneself, and good people will go to heaven when they die. Some who profess this creed also profess to […]

“In an age when the women’s liberation movement has reached all corners of society, the concept of a woman submitting to the authority of a man finds disdain. Now, more often than not, there is misunderstanding of the roles men and women have in marriage. Dr. Sproul looks at the issue in this message entitled […]

“Even after being united to Jesus Christ, Christians continue to experience struggles in their faith and lives. But ongoing struggles in the Christian life are not evidence of any deficiency in the power of the gospel; rather, they indicate a need for the gospel to take root more deeply in our hearts and minds. In […]

“This session considers our salvation by examining some of the content from The Whole Christ book and teaching series.”

“This session considers the relationship between law and gospel in the Christian life. It considers how our understanding of law and gospel affects our approach to evangelism, sanctification, and our understanding of God Himself.”