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A Review of ‘The Case for Christian Nationalism’ by Stephen Wolfe Besides trafficking in sweeping and unsubstantiated claims about the totalizing control of the Globalist American Empire and the gynocracy, Wolfe’s apocalyptic vision—for all of its vitriol toward the secular elites—borrows liberally from the playbook of the left. He not only redefines the nature of […]

Innovation and originality in theology are the parents of all heresy. Douglas Wilson in his book, “Reformed” is Not Enough demonstrates this subtly but effectively. To the untrained eye his arguments may sound cohesive, helpful and clarifying. To the trained eye his arguments are heretical, and his work demonstrates his theological and historical ignorance. If […]

This book is quite possibly the book on abolitionism in America. Evangelicals who are interested in American history need to read this work to understand our movement in its greater context. Anyone interested in abolitionism, at any scholarly level, needs to read this new comprehensive account in order to get the full picture for the first time.

This manuscript is a significant addition to the materials available for study of egalitarian ideology in the Revolutionary era. Although petitions for freedom demonstrated that blacks, like numerous whites, could see the hypocrisy of perpetuating chattel slavery in the midst of a struggle against political "enslavement," few blacks had the literary skills, let alone the opportunity, to compose a theoretical statement of their views.

The first and greatest commandment is to love God; the second is like it, to love your neighbor as yourself. Dabney correctly notes that disobedience to these greatest commands is “the most express, most guilty, and most hardening of all the sins that the soul commits.” What is more “directly disobedient” to this command to love, than the sin of white-supremacy?

There are many passages that theologians and scholars have debated and will continue to debate. But the Bible is abundantly clear about those things that we have to know to be saved. And that is a great blessing, because Christ is the only Way to salvation, and the Bible is how Christ is revealed to us.

If you add specialized works on particular anthropological issues like the mind/body debate, free will, sexuality, vocation, and race, theological anthropology becomes one of the hottest topics on the market today. Hans Schwarz continues that trend with The Human Being: A Theological Anthropology, a useful book in many respects, though one with some notable drawbacks as well.

This week we review Wade Mullen’s excellent book, Something’s Not Right: Decoding the Hidden Tactics of Abuse–and Freeing Yourself from Its Power.

Recently, in reviewing A Church Called Tov, I said that spiritual abuse can be like living in a bad dream—not only because you can’t believe this is happening, but because none of the people you are going to for help are functioning as they should. The whole setting is off and you are trying to make any sense of it... Mullen’s book Something’s Not Right focuses more on helping you decode what’s going on in this bad dream.

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