The pagan world is sex-obsessed and sex is an idol of our age but telling pagans that sex points them to Christ is not an apologetic or evangelistic strategy we should employ. It is not a biblical strategy.

The question comes concerning the relations between Theonomy and the Federal Vision. There is reason to think that there is some connection between the two movements. several well-known theonomists are also proponents of the FV. One of the FV leaders recently described the current FV controversy as a renewal of the theonomy argument. Interpreters on […]

In talk radio the host is supposed to “re-set” the show at regular intervals. He is to remind listeners to which show they are listening and on what network or station. One reason why the host does this is because some listeners are just tuning in. Some people are “just tuning in,” as it were, […]

Synod affirms that the Scriptures and confessions teach the doctrine of justification by grace alone, through faith alone and that nothing that is taught under the rubric of covenant theology in our churches may contradict this fundamental doctrine.

In light of the controversy surrounding the NPP [New Perspectives on Paul] and FV [Federal Vision], and after many months of careful study, the committee unanimously makes the following declarations: The view that rejects the bi-covenantal structure of Scripture as represented in the Westminster Standards (i.e., views which do not merely take issue with the […]

Complementarian is a perfectly good adjective and one that should not be abandoned simply because it has been appropriated by Patriarchalists or because it was ill-defined at the beginning of the complementarian movement. God created two sexes: male and female. They are complementary to one another by nature and all the more in creation renewed […]

The church has long practiced Christian education but it has not always done it the way most churches do it now. There is no clear indication of exactly how Christian education was done in the apostolic church. There are hints that might be interpreted to suggest instruction outside the assembly for worship but they are […]

The focus of Ephesians is unity in the inaugurated new-creation community, which this submission is designed to facilitate. But even more pointedly this is an expression of the wife’s service to the Lord, who has subjected all things to himself and to whom the church is in submission. So she voluntarily submits to her own […]

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