Complementarian Issues of Nomenclature and Doctrine

Prior to Foh’s concerns with evangelical feminism, Genesis 3:16 was never interpreted to mean a woman would have a desire against her husband to manipulate or rule over him. It makes no sense that God would speak something to Adam and Eve at the Fall that the Church would not understand until the problem of modern evangelical feminism, almost like the curse was non-existent for women before we suddenly came to understand the real problem during 2nd wave feminism. That is, frankly, ludicrous. I’ve written a long article here about why I think Foh was wrong in her interpretation of Genesis 3:16 and how it has harmed women in the Church.

According to CBMW’s history page, Foh went on to have a crucial founding role in CBMW, and her new interpretation fit nicely with their agenda. The thing is that she didn’t need to reinterpret Genesis 3:16 to support Paul’s writings as constraining the Church for today. She found a convenient way to pin the issue of evangelical feminism on a woman’s rebellious heart but at the expense of the perspicuity of Scripture and a historic understanding of the passage.