Core Christianity

I know it’s really hard to do when you’re in complete despair about how things are going now. But don’t manage your expectations based on what circumstances you’re going through right now, but rather on the promise of what will happen when Jesus returns. Set your hope on that. Michael Horton

Suicide, we believe, is a sin. Now there is an added component of mental health, but nobody has the right to take their own life. – Pastor Adriel Sanchez

Did you know that out of the 150 Psalms in the Bible, the majority of them are psalms of lament? The worshiper is saying things like, “God, why am I suffering? Why have you abandoned me? Why do I feel empty?” That’s our song sometimes.

Adriel Sanchez, pastor of North Park Presbyterian Church, discusses Biblical views of sexuality. Are they outdated? Or can we trust Scripture as a timeless guide?

We don’t need to start from scratch when interpreting the Bible. The church has well defined, well defended, and well established doctrine that has been established over the many centuries since Christ’s resurrection and ascension. We need to know and understand these truths and avoid at all costs becoming opponents of God’s church—heretics who hold […]

"When I’m speaking with someone who has experienced serious trauma, I think that there is a process whereby you need to get the encouragement and help of the church and its ministry of the gospel, but I also think it’s important to process those things with professional help."

We can be transparent because Christ does not cast us out when we talk about our sins.

We should deal with wolves in the church differently than someone who is struggling with sin. An abuser that preys on people must be confronted. The authorities need to be involved, there needs to be church discipline, and these women need to be cared for and brought into safety.

As a pastor, I’ve had countless conversations with people hurt by religious authority. One would hope that words like coercive, corrupt, and manipulative would never be used to describe church leadership, but sadly that’s not the case. If you’re one of the wounded and you have turned your back on Christianity due to the experience, I want to plead with you to reconsider your response for three reasons:

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