Marriage & Divorce: A Reformed, Biblical Perspective

marriage is too significant a union and too important a covenant to undermine it by robbing it of its honorability. We dishonor marriage when we promote the idea that anything goes, and that we need to tolerate anything and all that a spouse may do to offend and violate covenant responsibilities. When we witness then remain complacent about active and verifiable hatred for a husband or wife by a spouse we do violence to what we know marriage is. We do no favors to a couple when we fail to uphold what God says about what marriage is and what its functions are. We do harm to what we say about the Bible before our children, churches, and society in what we tolerate within the context of marriage. Marriage is honorable and pure when the beauty of this union is upheld, protected, and practiced.

If you’re in a marriage where vows have been violated, you are, as the Apostle instructs, free. 

If you’ve broken your marriage vows, you may never regain the trust of your spouse, family, church, or social circle. You should not expect reconciliation but seek peace. But above all, remember that there is a generous Savior, and there is no sin that is unforgivable in Him. Turn away from your sin. Confess it to Him and those you’ve offended. He is faithful and just to forgive your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Be reconciled to God, in Christ. 

To all those hurting from broken marriages, please seek out sound pastoral care, professional counseling and safe community in the church. May the Lord heal your woundedness. 

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