My Only Comfort

But what if, instead, humans were image bearers of God in their essence, as the scripture says, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” And, yes, sin has tainted all of that. It is a deadly cancer eroding its host and will end in death if it is not taken away. But […]

“It seems to me that using Genesis 4:7 to interpret Genesis 3:16 is rather sketchy exegesis. It would be similar to saying that God spoke against Baasha (1 Kings 16:12 – the preposition is ‘el) and God spoke unto Moses (Ex. 3:14 – the preposition is the same) therefore, God was against Moses just as […]

“Having heard yet again that Numbers 30 teaches that every woman is under a “covenant head” who has absolute authority over every decision she makes, I decided to correct that and draw your attention to the text itself. Before my meager comments, I would suggest that you read the passage for yourself. I’ll wait. Now, […]

“Before Christ came into the world, God promised that the seed of the woman, which was to come through Abraham, Judah, David, and so on – would redeem the world. For this reason, the genealogies were so, so important and the scripture is full of them. God would fulfil his promise, and the genealogies were […]

“In the past few weeks there have been two streams of stories that have dominated Christian circles. The first is the debate concerning Sola Fide and the second is the #metoo campaign in light of the fall of serial rapist, Harvey Weinstein. As women around the world told their stories of assault, we saw that […]

“This is a psalm about evil men. I recognize that there are Christian people who sin against each other. This Psalm isn’t about them. I recognize that there are even unbelievers who sin against Christians – this Psalm isn’t about them, either. This Psalm isn’t about the hurts and pain of living in a cursed […]

“One of the most pernicious lies to come out of the “purity” movement is the lie that a young man can cure his ungodly lusts by getting married. The damage that this has done to marriage is astounding. All false doctrine destroys in one way or another. Young women are guilted into marriage, and the […]

“When Joshua conquered Jericho, God gave Israel specific instructions concerning the goods there. Everything was to be killed, burned or put into the treasury of the temple. The story of what happened next is disturbing. The next city to be conquered was Ai. It was a far smaller and less powerful city, and the strategy […]

“If you haven’t lately, I would suggest that you read John 4 before reading this. I’ve been thinking about this woman lately. I’ve preached on this before, but this is an account that floats around the mind and hits you in the heart. The traditional interpretation is that Jesus sits at the well, confronts the […]

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