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A Review of ‘The Case for Christian Nationalism’ by Stephen Wolfe Besides trafficking in sweeping and unsubstantiated claims about the totalizing control of the Globalist American Empire and the gynocracy, Wolfe’s apocalyptic vision—for all of its vitriol toward the secular elites—borrows liberally from the playbook of the left. He not only redefines the nature of […]

In love, we approach fiction with fact. Here are eight myths about abortion in America—and how to answer them with evidence.

“It could hardly be clearer,” Bauckham concludes, “that the Gospels are appealing to their role as eyewitnesses.”

Perhaps most glaringly, there is no curse of Ham in Genesis 9 or anywhere else in the Bible. Canaan, not Ham, was cursed by Noah. This means that the “biblical” doctrine used to justify the enslavement of dark-skinned peoples is completely fabricated and has no exegetical warrant.

The Great Replacement theory is the latest version of a century-old white genocide conspiracy theory. At the root of the theory is the claim that “elites”—especially Jews—are deliberately plotting to reduce or eliminate white people in the United States and Europe. The claim is that this is being done primarily by promoting interracial marriage and immigration of non-white populations, who are assumed to have higher fertility rates than whites.

A man targeting his current or former partner at church is also one of the most common forms of church shootings.

Preparing our daughters to spot the warning signs of a potential abuser doesn’t come with the luxury of heroics.

Luke notes that many of the women who traveled with Jesus had been healed by him—whether physically or spiritually—and that his ministry was supported financially by his female followers. This is significant.

I think that applies in terms of cases of physical abuse, sexual abuse, those sorts of things, where if the home is not safe for someone to be in, then that is a form of abandonment. And even if people have different convictions about that, you’re exactly right. People can use even Bible verses to cover over awful sin. So there can be abusive situations where somebody will say, “Well, the Bible says that you can’t leave.” Which means you have to live through all of the sinful and unjust things that I’m doing to you. And that’s not what the Bible teaches.

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