The Danger of Error

“What robs our joy? On the topic of spiritual depression in Colossians 2:8, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones highlights error and heresy as contributors to a joyless life. In what way? These thieves demand knowledge beyond what God has revealed, and leave us empty and hollow. Listen in as the Dr. explores the ancient heresy known as gnosticism, relating it and applying it to our own day. This counterfeit religion must be fought against, and error must be avoided. Dr. Lloyd-Jones provides practical advice on how to avoid such heresy and, in doing so, highlights heresies of his own day. Certain characteristics are woven throughout religious falsehoods which, when understood, alert Christians of their error. Countering these hollow philosophies, the believer must beware of the lust of the mind and be content with what God has revealed in His Word. Anything which goes beyond the Scriptures simply puffs one’s mind instead of exalting Christ. While there is certainly an initial thrill, heresy and error leave the person joyless and empty. Our joy comes, not from philosophy, but from Christ. The fight for joy is, therefore, a fight to exalt Christ. Christ is supreme, and true religion points to Him. As Christ remains the center, heresy is eradicated and joy is restored.”