How Women Helped Bring Us the Reformation

Women soon joined the Reformation efforts as the writings, teachings, and preaching of the Reformers spread. Women of high political and social class were often able to directly support the Reformers, corresponding with them and promoting the Reform efforts both personally and publicly. This wasn’t limited to Germany, but in France and England, as well, women converted from Catholicism to Protestantism and supported the reform efforts. Such political leaders and influencers such as Marguerite de Navarre, Jeane d’Albret, Queen Elizabeth I, and others used their political positions to benefit the growing Reformed churches.

Other women who held political power harbored persecuted reformers and Protestants, like Marguerite de Navarre, who protected John Calvin. Other women worked alongside their pastor husbands to care for churches that were becoming reformed or were struggling to survive as reformed.

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