The Great Psychological Shift

In God’s general revelation, He has revealed Himself in two ways: externally in the broader creation (Rom. 1) and internally by the light of nature in the human conscience (Rom. 2). That means that there is true knowledge about God in each of these realms and that we know that God exists in each of these realms, but we suppress that truth in unrighteousness. In the past, we have used the abstract, “airy” appeals to unmoved movers, witnesses to the resurrection, and reasoning that can only make sense when presupposing the Bible. In the present, we must make concrete, “earthy” appeals to personal narratives that reveal brokenness and to emotions that testify to the Creator. As we do so, we remember that God’s general revelation speaks internally as well as externally. It is here that we take felt needs captive and expose real needs as well as their remedy.